De geur is de intelligentie van de bloemen.

Abstract expressionisme

Kees van Dorsser, born Cornelis-Gerbrandis van Dorsser in 1948, is a multifaceted artist. His creative journey spans photography, writing, and digital manipulation. Let's delve into the facets of this intriguing individual:  1. Photography and Digital Art: * Kees van Dorsser has been passionate about photography since his youth. Over sixteen years ago, he embraced digital editing techniques, which he continues to experiment with.  * His photographic work often combines visual storytelling with digital manipulation. He explores various themes and subjects, capturing moments that resonate with viewers.  * Notably, Kees collects quotes and observations from newspapers, books, and encounters with people. These snippets inspire him to create short stories and reflections.  2. Exhibitions and Platforms: * Kees  ´s artistic endeavors extend beyond his studio. He regularly exhibits his work on various online platforms and in international hotels. Some of the cities where his art has graced hotel spaces include Leiden, Dresden, Köln, Düsseldorf, Paris, Malmö, Zurich, Brussels, Portugal, Venice and Dubai. * His atelier in Brielle is open for visits by appointment.  3. Poetic Expressions:  * Kees van Dorsser ´s poetic musings reveal his contemplative spirit. Here are a few glimpses: * "Begin the day never with yesterday´s shards, for they cut into your hands and heart. Instead, embrace today´s blooming flowers, their fragrance filling your senses and soul."  * "Loneliness is not a punishment; it´s a gift--a change to know oneself and grow. It´s a space to order and refine thoughts, an inspiration wellspring."  * "A rose in the rain, its petal kissed by a droplet, symbolizes hope and love breaking through pain and sorrow. Its thorns withstand darkness."  * "Art transcends mere form and color; it mirrors both creator and observer. It bridges souls through images and sounds--a dialogue, a question, an answer." * "True knowledge is paradoxical --it challenges us to learn. The more we know, the more we realize how much remains unknown. It humbles and enlightens."  4. In Summary: * Kees van Dorsser ´s artistic journey intertwines creativity, introspection, and connection. His lens captures both the tangible and the intangible, inviting us to explore life´s nuances. For those curious souls seeking inspiration, Kees ´work serves as a beacon--a reminder that art transcends boundaries and invites us to see the world anew.